Katy Perry Is Perfect, And This Just Proves It

2/10/2014 2:00 PM PST, by

There are a great many people who like to talk a lot of trash about the lovely, talented Katy Perry, but you know what? They are wrong. Because yes, Katy does sing a number of silly songs, but she does sing them well, and she has fun doing it. She can strut around, looking hot as all get out, singing songs about California gurls and all, but she can also bring a tear to your eye with, oh, say, a solid Beatles cover. And that's what she did last night when she sang "Yesterday" at that Beatles Grammy Salute thing. She was amazing.

But, of course, some people just wouldn't feel right if they couldn't run their mouths, so Katy got ripped apart on Twitter, because -- wait for the outrage -- she changed the lyrics a little bit to reflect the fact that she is not a man. She changed the pronouns so her cover was about a man who had to go, and she decided not to sing "I'm not half the man I used to be." How dare she, right?

Listen, y'all, it's obviously fun to poke fun at celebrities every once in a while, and if you just don't like a celebrity, then fine, that's all you. But the moment you hop on Twitter to be malicious about a cover song, well, maybe that's the moment you need to reconsider your life.

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