Madonna Needs A Reality Check in The WORST Way

2/10/2014 8:00 AM PST, by
is ... well, there are no words to accurately describe exactly what Madonna is. She's ridiculous, obviously, but she's also a little bit scary, a little bit embarrassing, but she's also a legend, so there's got to be a little bit of respect involved. Is there a word for that? Can we make one?

Words aside, Madonna is just being an ol' whackadoodle on Instagram these days. Remember a few days ago when she posted that photo of herself in the bathroom, asking her followers if she should take a bath or a shower? Well, over the weekend, Madonna was right back in that bathroom, but this time, instead of pondering bathing methods, she chose to state all of her dearest beliefs:

Yes i support P-ssy Riot. Yes i wear grilz. Yes i believe that Jesus Muhammed Moses and Buddha were all prophets! YES! Im not sorry! Im not your B---- dont hang your s--- on me. ......,,......#artforfreedom#revolutionoflove 

So let's get this straight: Madonna believes in Jesus, Muhammed, Moses, and Buddha, she supports P-ssy Riot, the feminist punk band that got arrested for "hooliganism," and grilz. Grilz are not as important as P-ssy Riot, but a little more than those prophet dudes. Don't hang your s--- on her, b----es. Got it?

Now we really need to come up with a word to accurately describe this awful, uncomfortable feeling, so that we don't ever have to feel it again.

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