Quotables: Amber Heard Just Might Be Too Cool for Johnny Depp

2/13/2014 11:00 AM PST, by

"I would rather shoot the gun and save the girl or save the guy or be hated than be cute, sweet and adorable and loved. It's way more fun. It's always more fun to play a badass. I always fight for those characters. I only make a few movies a year because for every one that I take, I've said no thanks to many romantic movies where I bat my eyelashes and catch the bouquet."

--Amber Heard, brand new fiancee of Johnny Depp and apparent badass, explains why she's not so well known, and why she really should be.

So we can officially root for this couple now, right? Now that this kind of information is out there? It looks like Johnny's coming to the end of that weird midlife crisis thing he was going through (for real though, those scarves), this could be something great. Also, they are so pretty.

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