Just A Friendly Reminder That Courtney Stodden Is An Absolute Delight

2/13/2014 10:00 AM PST, by
Hey, you guys, have we told you lately about how lovely Courtney Stodden is? I know, I know, she's still doing all that weird stuff with the lip injections and the awfulness, but really, she's amazing. For instance, she posted that photo on the left a few days ago, a no makeup, adorable geek type thing, and then just last night she posted that photo of her legs, along with the caption "Sunning old Hollywood style," because she still just might be our generation's Marilyn Monroe. Sorry, not sorry.

And just in case you've been curious about what's been going on in Courtney's life since she's become single and all, here are some recent tweets:
Never change, Courtney Stodden. Unless it's a change about your opinions on lip injections. That would be OK.

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