Taylor Swift's Hair is Great, But Not That Great

2/13/2014 3:30 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
No offense to Taylor Swift whatsoever, of course -- her hair likely looks better in her worst moments (and after a half-day-long flight) than most of ours does on our best, but this photo is evidence that even celebrities with a disposable income, and who have access to the world's most prolific stylists, are still subject to the letdown of that new haircut smell after the first few days of rocking it hard

This is Taylor arriving at LAX last night, and even though she looks super cute, it's plain as the nose on her face that she washed her hair sometime after getting it cut ... and did the dreaded job of blowdrying the style right out of it. 

Still looking great, though, girl -- we totally prefer you with this new, shorter look! 

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