Quotables: Betty White Always Has The Greatest Ideas

2/14/2014 1:00 PM PST, by
"My golden retriever and I are going to stay home and kick back for the whole day. I'll do every crossword puzzle I can get my hands on and I won't do any 
work. He's such a sweet boy. We have a really good time, and when I really take a day off, the two of us kick back and have fun." 

--Betty White describes her plans for today, also proves her everlasting greatness.

It's just that Betty is so wonderful, and everything she says is just the best. She's going to spend Valentine's Day with her dog, have you ever heard anything more adorable in your life? Dogs and crossword puzzles, we couldn't come up with a better celebration if we tried. Or, well, throw in a "Golden Girls" marathon and we'll talk.

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