Chris Brown is Not in a Position to be Talking to the Ladies Like This

2/14/2014 7:30 AM PST, by
Oh, you guys, happy Valentine's Day! Are you eating chocolate and doodling hearts and praying about who to ask to the Valentine's Day dance?! Or, you know, whatever. You're probably just hanging out, working or stalking exes on Facebook, but it's all about to change now, friends. Because now, Chris Brownis here to give you a special holiday creep out. It's just ... no. Does he not realize that there are certain things that he is never going to be able to say after he beat his girlfriend's face so hard he sent her to the hospital? Obviously not, but this is one of those. He can't act like he's super respectful and admiring of all ladies, because if he was, he wouldn't act the way he acts. No one is ever going to buy this cheesy, false nonsense, and it's just awkward for him to do this.

So listen, Chris, try again. But actually try this time, OK? No, like really, actually try to not be a gross douchebag. Thanks!
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