It's Time for Marc Anthony to Creep Out The World

2/18/2014 6:00 AM PST, by
If we're being real here -- and we always strive to be real -- Marc Anthony is kind of weird. Like, uncomfortably, creepily weird. You might have gotten that feeling from him too, either from listening to that "I Need to Know" song of his or by looking at that photo of him up there, whichever. But if you still don't have that feeling, just listen to what he said about his relationship with his ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez, and her new boyfriend, Casper Smart:

"I like them young, too! I'm not one to judge. It's great. As a matter of fact, we [he and Casper] were texting back and forth two days ago. We're actually really, really good friends. From the very beginning. When you love someone and you care for someone...Jennifer and I -- I don't say it lightly -- we're great friends. You know, anybody that means anything to her means something to me. That's keeping it simple. Casper's a great guy. He's been great to my children. And I have nothing but respect for him, absolutely nothing but respect."

Quick, everyone, congratulate Marc on the creepiest statement ever! "I like them young, too," honestly. It's actually great that he and Jennifer are still so close, since they do have children together, but ... come on, now. This is way, way too much.

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