Miley Cyrus Is Officially The Grossest Person in The World

2/18/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
Miley Cyrus
, if you can even believe it (it's probably not hard to believe much with this girl anymore), turned her concert into the ultimate gross nightmare-fest this on Sunday. Do you know what she did? Do you know?! She put a thong in her mouth. BUT WAIT. Some random audience member threw a thong onto the stage, Miley picked it up, looked at it, used her brain for thoughts and comprehension, and THEN she put the thong in her mouth. It's time to flip the eff out.

What is the even wrong with her? Was the thong dirty? Even if it didn't have someone's junk juices on it, it was in someone's hand. Someone's sweaty palm. And then Miley ... no, you know what? Let's not think about this anymore. Let's look at the picture, let's acknowledge that this awfulness happened, and then let's bury it in our memories forever. We never needed to know that these things happen in the world.

Thanks, Miley. Except not really. Not at all.

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