Love It or Leave It: Rihanna's Very Questionable Birthday Party Ensemble

2/18/2014 7:00 AM PST, by
, love her gorgeous, ridiculous heart, is turning 26 in just a couple of days. And, as such, she's partying pretty hard to celebrate the occasion, which is great, it really is. She got a cabin and tons of booze and balloons and whatnot, and she's living it up. And wearing this awful, tragic mess.

OK, no, that's not fair, it's not exactly a tragic mess. It's looks really comfortable actually, minus the heels and all the jewelry. It looks like something you'd wear at home to relax and eat bonbons in. But no, Rihanna wore it to her birthday party, and not only did she wear it to her birthday party, she wore it outside. In public. Like a fool. Like ... a Rihanna. And that's weird.

Verdict: tough one, y'all, but leave it. Leave it home, where you can love it properly.

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