For One Last Time (All Together Now), Farrah Abraham is a Coward Piece of Crap

2/19/2014 1:15 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
So we're basically all in agreement that Farrah Abraham is a pretty reprehensible person with a spotty history for telling the truth. Or being, you know, at all likable. Things haven't changed, and it only gets worse.

That time she waxed her toddler's "unibrow"? Pretty awful. That time she released a sex tape -- that she was paid for, ffs -- and tried to play it off like it was this invasion of privacy, a video that she recorded of her and her "boyfriend"? It was basically treacherous beyond comprehension how she lied and lied and lied about it, and then finally came clean when it was apparent that she couldn't convince a single soul of "her truth." 

The latest, though, about being raped and drugged while on tour for her second -- yes, second -- sex tape has taken the cake. For once, Farrah has kept her big mouth shut about her intentions, and when approached by Steve Hirsch -- Vivid's head honcho -- who offered her $1 million dollars to take a polygraph test that produced positive results that she was, in fact, raped and pillaged and drugged whilst on tour, her lawyer had this to say: 

"At this point in time my client has no comment to the offer made by Vivid. That is all the information I can provide you at this time." 

Steve, of course, responded to Farrah's ridiculousness and responded: 

"This is exactly what I expected from Farrah. She’s a fraud. We know she loves money, but once she gets called out she’s afraid to respond. First you can’t stop the lies and then you can’t find her. She’s incapable of telling the truth." 

Go figure. All's well that ends well, or that which at least concludes with a happy ending. And when it comes to happy endings, that's got Farrah's chest name written all over it. 

Here's the video if you missed it the first time around:

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