RIP, Ireland Baldwin's Super Hot Selfies

2/19/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
What a sad, sad day for the world, friends: Ireland Baldwin has made a statement that she will no longer be taking selfies. Which means, of course, that she'll no longer be sharing selfies. Here, read the tragic news for yourself: What could we have done as a society to bring this on ourselves? What could we have done differently? In times like this, we always ask ourselves questions like these, trying to figure out where we went wrong, but sometimes, it isn't anything we did. Sometimes the world is just cruel.

One more question though: Ireland definitely meant that she'll never take selfies like that one up there, right? She knows the definition of selfie? She's still totally cool with posting hot pictures of herself like this one?

And there we go. We found the silver lining. Bless. 

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