Here's Some Sad Proof That Shia LaBeouf Is Corrupting The Youth of America

2/19/2014 11:00 AM PST, by
Shia LaBeouf
has been a great big douchebag here recently, plagiarizing left and right, wearing paper bags over his head, doing "art" or whatever in L.A. And while that's bad enough, it just got a whole, whole lot worse. Because Shia has started to influence people now. Young, impressionable, famous people, people like Jaden Smith.

Here are some recent tweets from Jaden: No, you guys wouldn't understand. It's "artist to artist," OK? Or no, I'm sorry, "Artist To Artist," all the inappropriate capitalization is probably some of that art stuff that we commoners just don't get. And it's real, real important.

Shia, grand douchemaster supreme, please: stop. Stop this while you still can. If you want to do art, do real art, not "art" that is actually just theft and nonsense. Just something to consider.
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