This Right Here Is Everything That's Wrong with Farrah Abraham

2/21/2014 1:00 PM PST, by

All right, there are a whole, whole lot of things that are wrong with Farrah Abraham, but this right here, this Keek video she posted, pretty much sums it all up. She posted this video to recap last night's episode of "Couples Therapy," the one where she had therapy with her mom, and she basically says, in this weary, tearful voice, that she's come to accept that she can never change her mom. The subtext being that her mom is the root of her problems and that she is such a strong individual for being able to live.

Listen, if you've ever watched Farrah on "Teen Mom," you've probably seen that her mom has some issues of her own. And that's sad, it really is, and it's good that Farrah can acknowledge that she can't change that, but let's not pretend like that's Farrah's whole issue in a nutshell. No, Farrah does this thing where she refuses to take responsibility for her actions, where she blames everything on everyone else and paints herself as an innocent victim of basically everything and everyone in the world. And that's what she does in this video, and in every other instance in her life. And it's too annoying.

Just ... just get it together, Farrah. Figure it out. For real though, not for television. Please.

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