Justin Guarini Used to Date Kelly Clarkson, Also Would Really Appreciate Some Attention

2/21/2014 2:00 PM PST, by
Justin Guarini
, the guy that was in the first season of "American Idol" with Kelly Clarkson, the guy who was in "From Justin to Kelly" with Kelly Clarkson, basically the guy whose fame is forever tied to Kelly Clarkson, is just now dropping this bomb that he, in fact, dated Kelly Clarkson. How do y'all like him now?! No, seriously, how do you like him now? Because this is all obviously just a gigantic ploy for attention.

Justin apparently revealed the tragic tale of lost love during a recent concert, saying that they totally hooked up on the set of their movie, but then they broke up because she got super famous and he didn't. And, as the story goes, he was way sad about it. Guys, and then he sang a sad love song. Because what Justin and Kelly had was real. Also did you want to purchase a t-shirt?

Look, there's absolutely no shame in not getting famous, and it's great that Justin is still out there performing, doing what he loves. That's wonderful. But this right here, all the talking about Kelly Clarkson, recently married, newly pregnant Kelly Clarkson, isn't doing anything to make him look good. Just let it go already. Just let it go.
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