Brandi Glanville Absolutely Refuses to Stop Making Herself Look Bad

2/22/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
It's official: Brandi Glanville is too ridiculous for any words that have been invented yet. It's getting bad, guys, and you know it's bad because LeAnn Rimes comes out looking better in this (kind of) (a little). Here, let's back up.

This is about the child support claim, the same thing it's been about all week. Brandi tweeted that Eddie Cibrian had been asking for child support, she continued to tweet about it, and she also claimed that she didn't want to talk about it anymore, even though she started it, but you know what? She still wants to talk about it. Here are some tweets from yesterday: See, it's not technically her talking about her ex because she kept saying "a certain someone," get it? And if you don't get it, she did an actual interview on an actual television show -- Hello Ross -- to talk about how she doesn't want to talk about it anymore:

"[Eddie] wants me to pay him back alimony, but it's actually combined child support and alimony. The thing is when my first book came out, he pulled something similar and just sent me a lawyer's letter like a couple days before and it was a New York Times Best Seller. This time it's a New York Times Best Seller [again]. So I'm hoping if there's a book three he'll want some more of my money ... You know I went out and hired a big fancy lawyer for this one because before I would just like roll over and sign whatever because I was so sick of fighting. I want to move forward now." 

Oh my god, then MOVE FORWARD. Don't tweet about every single issue, don't write books about every single issue, just actually move forward with your life. No one started anything this time. No one did. Is this insane to anyone else?

Guys, it's insane to LeAnn Rimes, too, but for once, she's abstaining from tweeting. Well, kind of, she still had to tweet that she's not going to tweet about it:
You know what? This is fair. Brandi's been infuriating me lately, and I'm not even involved. What is this strange world in which we sympathize with LeAnn Rimes?! 

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