What in God's Name Is(n't) Kim Kardashian Doing to Her Face Now?!

2/22/2014 2:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Another day, another questionable Kim Kardashian photo where Kim Kardashian looks like a trumped-up version of Kim Kardashian on super, undiluted Kim Kardashian juice or something. Honestly, what is even happening with this girl's face? Nobody's saying that she's done anything, partially because we're not really allowed to speculate on that kind of stuff without putting ourselves at risk of getting in trouble, but nobody's saying that she hasn't, either, because that face. It always photographs so differently

Kim, whether it's weight loss, age, or good old-fashioned fillers, it's got to stop. Unless it's the age thing, because there's just no stopping that. The rest? All you, girl. All you. 

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