Can We Please Admit That Snooki is a Great Mom Already?

2/24/2014 9:00 AM PST, by
If you are enlightened to the magic of Snooki, if you're already aware that she's evolved from a fun time party girl to a fun time awesome mother, then good for you for being wise, you can just enjoy the cuteness. But if you still think that Snooki is a drunk ol' "Jersey Shore" mess, then please, get with the times. And appreciate this lovely lady for what she has become.

Guys, she is wonderful. Just look at that picture right there of her reading to her son, is that not one of the most precious things you've ever seen? She posts amazingly adorable photos like that on the regular, and since she's so busy being a great mom, she clearly doesn't even have time to put in a Bumpit, put on a cheap leopard print dress and get wasted every night of the week. It's just not logical, nor is it real, but for some reason, some of you insist on tearing this girl down.

Well, here, watch this video of Snooki playing with her son and getting scared by her fiancé, and then talk about what trash she is, you coldhearted meanies:

There, see? SO CUTE. And if we're to believe the latest rumors, Snooki's pregnant again, so pretty soon we'll have even double the cuteness, and won't that just be the greatest? Will that be enough to silence them irrational haters?

Here's hoping, y'all.

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