Well, That Was Fast, Huh?

2/26/2014 3:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Is there an actual reason behind Katy Perry's lewd kiss with Miley Cyrus the other night on one of the "Bangerz" tour stops? Well, possibly, because John Mayer and Katy Perry have allegedly broken up, and it's boring and silly and unsurprising how fickle these two can be -- one minute they're acting like an old married couple, engagement notions floating around like gossamer pubes, while the very next minute you're talking about how Katy's gone and dumped John's skeezing ass for ... well, for whatever reason she allegedly did. 

Sources say that Katy was the one who pulled the trigger on the relationship, and that it happened over the last few days -- which would ring true in the Miley-kissing sense, because the time coincides, and what's one of the very best ways to tick your significant other -- either former or current -- off? Of course: by locking lips with Miley Cyrus and ruining your hotness factor for, like, ever.

Do we believe the rumors? Well, maybe. It wouldn't be all that surprising, given the history of these two. But Katy dumping John? Not too sure about that. Even King Douche John Mayer probably has some standards, you know. 

Way to go, Miley. Set on ruining everybody's relationship single-handedly? 

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