Kim Kardashian Just Keeps Getting Worse And Worse

2/26/2014 1:00 PM PST, by
Oh my gosh, you guys, Kim Kardashian has, like, the worst life. It's just so hard. You wouldn't even believe how hard it is. She has, like, stretch marks and stuff, you probably couldn't even imagine. It's so totally unfair! She's basically just drowning in all these hardships, these major bummers, and then, just to top it all off, her sister Khloe just insists on owning shoes that morally offend her. The nerve!

Here's something that Kim took the time to type out on Mobio INsider after someone asked her which of her sisters has the best shoes:

I'm answering this in hopes Khloe sees this lol. Khloe & I fight every single time i go to her house bc she has the most shoes. she is a shoe hoarder. she will buy the same pair of shoes in 5 colors. she keeps the ugliest shoes u have ever seen! it literally puts me in a bad mood thinking about it. Kourtney has the best mix of shoes. My mom has great shoes. My little sisters have lots of boots and flats, which are cute on them but flats aren't my thing. sooooo I'd say everyone has very different shoe taste. I really like my shoe closet haha

No, guys, it literally puts her in a bad mood to think about her sister's taste in shoes. It's that serious. You think you know what true heartache is, well, you have no idea.
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