Quotables: Robin Thicke -- Still Disgusting, More Apologies

2/26/2014 8:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
"I want to thank everyone for the well wishes these last few days. My fans mean everything to me. I'm looking forward to getting back on out on the road and performing in Washington DC this Thursday, and the rest of the tour.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!"

--Robin Thicke's half-assed apology/public statement/tour promotion that seems to be more directed to his fans than to anyone else -- wife Paula Patton included -- and seriously, how gross and lame and self-absorbed. "Blurred Lines" is a crappy song with a good beat, and is only tolerable because of the ever-amazing and adorable Pharrell, and even Robin's older stuff didn't do all that well. Seriously, it's a good likelihood that the only people going to see Robin on tour have a thing for "Blurred Lines," and it's either a creepy thing or a doesn't-know-better thing. 

Do better, Robin, because your 15 minutes is really, really, really close to being up. Man up and quit being such an insolent jackass. 

Here's the rest of the celebrity cheaters -- if you can consider half of them "celebrities," at any rate. 

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