Finally, One Redeeming Thing About Miley's Trash Tour!

2/27/2014 1:00 PM PST, by

It's been just under two weeks since Miley Cyrus first started twerking her way across the country, and already we've heard several trashy, traumatizing tales. That time that Miley put that random thong in her mouth comes to mind, or that time that she tried to shove her tongue down poor Katy Perry's throat. And that's why it's so important that Miley posted this video, this lovely, heartwarming (kind of) video that shows her doing a cover of "Jolene," that classic hit from Dolly Parton. It shows that there's still hope.

Miley seems to be having a ton of fun right now with the giant hot dogs and the crazy costumes and all, but it's so nice to remember that she actually does have a lot of talent behind all those antics. It's just that it would be even nicer if we could get to see more of that, and less of the thong eating. That's all.

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