Doesn't Look Like Farrah Abraham Has Anyone in Her Corner Anymore

2/28/2014 8:45 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
Farrah Abraham just keeps shooting herself in her foot with that big mouth of hers, but at this rate, if she keeps going, it's going to land her in some serious hot (legal) water, and wouldn't it be so, so nice if Farrah weren't legally able to, you know, talk ever again? 

Farrah Abraham is still slamming the porn industry -- you know, the industry who basically perpetuated her fame post "Teen Mom" -- and Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch is not about to take it laying down: he sent a cease and desist letter to Farrah, essentially prohibiting her from continuing to slam and hurl accusatory allegations about rape and drugs for the purpose of interviews and fame and "Couples Therapy." 

Check out the exclusive letter: 


If Farrah's smart -- and you know how we all have our doubts about that one, friends -- then she's going to back off and lock up her drooling trap. If not? Well. It'd appear that things are gonna get real interesting around these here parts. 

Further, Steve adds, "Farrah thinks she can insult and defame the Vivid brand and get away with it. Either she stops now or we will take immediate legal action. She will be held accountable."

Stay tuned, because it's about to get ugly (er. Uglier). 

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