It's Time for Deep (Dumb) Thoughts with Miley!

2/28/2014 10:30 AM PST, by
Every once in a while, Miley Cyrus will open up her mouth and say something absolutely ridiculous. And really, I just say "every once in a while" because it's not like Miley opens her mouth and says things constantly. Basically, every time Miley speaks, it's absurd, is that better?

Miley's most recent public speaking happened during an interview with the delightful Ronan Farrow. She said this big long "thoughtful" thing about Tom Cruise. No, really:

"My favorite movie that I've been watching right now is Days of Thunder. I watched it three nights in a row. I want to be Nicole Kidman so bad, slash I'm kind of obsessed and kind of want to—I don't know if I want to be Nicole Kidman or if I want to be Tom Cruise, because his outfits are better. But her hair and she's so everything in that movie. But his outfits are so... Every day I want to wear like a white buttoned-up shirt because every single day, ever since I watched Days of Thunder, that when I got obsessed with button-ups."

Guys ... these are thoughts that actually go through Miley's head. This is what she thinks about, this is how she talks. She watches "Days of Thunder" over and over and thinks about Nicole Kidman's hair. This is her life. This is what she does when she's not humping cars for thousands of people every night.

Girl is getting it done, for sure ... but at what cost?

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