Quotables: Paris Hilton Said Something Smart, But Don't Worry, It'll Pass

2/28/2014 1:00 PM PST, by
"There are always going to be haters in life. I don't pay attention to those people. I'm doing what I love and selling out shows all around the world, and I'm getting paid a lot of money to do it. I'm passionate and I work hard to keep bettering my music, my sets and myself. That's what really matters."

--Paris Hilton tells V magazine about her outlook on haters, makes sense for possibly the first time in her life.

We really should be proud of Paris for this. In fact, more people should have this attitude: she doesn't care that people don't like her (even though they don't like her for very legitimate reasons), and she prefers to make money and have fun. That's great, it really is, and if that's what really matters to her, well, then that's great too. Just great, great, great.

Maybe Paris really is getting better, or maybe ... 

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