Robin Thicke Gets More and More Pathetic as the Days Go By

2/28/2014 3:00 AM PST, by Sarah Taylor
When it comes to a big, smarmy, handsy, greasy turnoff, nobody outdoes Robin Thicke -- and his latest antics in trying to "get the girl back"? I virtually rolled my eyes 'til I got dizzy and then I threw up because greasy vertigo. Robin Thicke is indulgent and embarrassing and inauthentic, and that amused little smirk you see in practically every single video these days? It only sweetens the pot of putrid that he keeps stirring with those big white teeth of his anytime he opens his mouth. 

Last night Robin performed in Fairfax, Virginia, and oh boy, guess to whom he dedicated a cheeseball song called "Lost Without U"? You got it -- his estranged wife, Paula Patton, who's just fine and also all smiles, but not wearing her wedding ring, unlike Robin. Robin said: 

"For y'all that don't know me and my wife separated, but I'm trying to get my girl back. She's a good woman." 

No, Robin. Just ... no. You did this yourself, and now you're adding insult to injury. We used to think disappointing things about Paula Patton for seeming to put up with your gross on- and off-stage antics, but now we commend her for having the sense to dump your ass to the curb before you embarrass her any longer. If she seriously caves to your public pleas for forgiveness, and relents because of your gaudy floral displays, we're gonna be real disappointed ... in humanity at large. 

Give it up, brother. You're only making yourself look (even more) foolish, which is quite a feat. God, it's like you've never even seen "Growing Pains." Move on (ha ha, as if you probably haven't already). 

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