Paula Patton Is Going to Be Just Fine, Everybody

3/1/2014 5:00 AM PST, by
It's been a few days since we've heard that the gorgeous Paula Patton finally decided to leave Robin Thicke and his gross, gropey self. In those few days, we've heard a lot from Robin -- no, a lot, like an embarrassing amount -- but we haven't really heard from Paula. Until now!

That little photo on the right up there, that's a photo that Paula posted on her Instagram page. Apparently those two little cliches, the "everything happens for a reason" and the "if you love something, let it go," describe how Paula feels right about now. And you know what? Good for her. When you realize that you married a douchebag as douchey as Robin Thicke, that's probably the best possible attitude to have. In any case, it's way better than watching him creep all over girls in clubs, right?

This doesn't really need to be said, but let's go ahead and say that we're officially Team Paula now. If not for this Instagram show of strength, then just because anything would be better than Team Robin Thicke.

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