Let Courtney Stodden Bring You Her Beautiful Gift of Song

3/2/2014 8:30 AM PST, by

Warning: this video contains adult language and also the camerawork might make you vomit.

Remember how, just a few days ago, Courtney Stodden finally got an Instagram account, and the entire world sighed with relief? Well, get ready to sigh again, friends. But this time, you will sigh from pure, unadulterated happiness.

That's an awful, shaky video that Courtney posted of herself at a bar (it looks like a bar, anyway, it's really hard to tell because she literally never holds her phone still) singing along to that delightful American classic, "Crazy B----" by Buckcherry. Guys, moments like this is what the internet was made for. This is beautiful. This is quite possibly, and I say this with nothing but love and admiration in my heart, the trashiest thing that has ever happened.

Love you, Courtney! Never stop!

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