We Need to Talk About How Gorgeous The Kardashians Looked Last Night

3/3/2014 12:00 PM PST, by
Now wait, before you get upset about this, the Kardashian sisters were not at the Oscars -- small miracles and all -- but they did attend Elton John's viewing party. And that is why they're all so dressed up. And by "so dressed up," obviously I mean "oh my god how are they all so GORGEOUS?!?!?!"

Let's be real though, Kim Kardashian has the weakest look here. The color looks great on her, but the material looks kind of cheap, and it's a cut a little, or a lot, too low. The makeup and hair is great though, and say what you will about her -- it doesn't matter, seriously, say whatever -- but Kim is a really beautiful woman.

But then there's Khloe Kardashian, serving up that Jessica Rabbit fierceness, and she looks SO GOOD. It's insane how good she looks. Did we all know that she had curves like that? Was that a secret? It kind of doesn't matter, because her beauty eclipses everything.

OK, OK, but Kourtney Kardashian is on a whole different level. Kourtney tends to prefer this kind of look, the super hot menswear for ladies, and it works for her on every single level. It just ... there aren't enough good words to say about it. This is perfect. This look is perfect and amazing and more ladies need to reconsider the cleavage-y red ballgown and try this look out. Because, once again, it is perfect.

So do you love it or what?

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