Quotables: Kristin Davis Is Understandably Sorry for "Sex and The City"

3/3/2014 4:00 PM PST, by

“I do feel guilt about the heels. It did seem we were trying to say to women, ‘You should be wearing heels like these’. But we definitely weren’t. Were they beautiful shoes? Yes. Were they appropriate for the characters? Yes, that’s what women like that wear. But it became a bigger picture thing, where it seemed women should be wearing them every day. I wear heels so rarely now. It hurts when I do – you have to get in training for them, and it takes a lot of practice.”

--Kristin Davis feels sorry about what she and her cohorts did to the world when they made "Sex and The City."

If this is really what happened, if this show made heels so popular and important and in demand, then she and Sarah Jessica Parker and all them ladies have a whole lot more apologizing to do. Well, for the shoe thing, and then for those godawful movies. Maybe they should think about doing an entire apology tour in lieu of that third movie the world doesn't need. How about that? 

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