Way to be Both Sexist AND Racist in One Fell Swoop, E!

3/4/2014 1:00 PM PST, by Sarah Taylor

Apparently we still live in the stone age, guys, because Mindy Kaling was asked on the red carpet what "color" dating partner she prefers, which is entirely aside from the fact that the interviewer also automatically assumed that Mindy was into men exclusively. 

In the above video, you'll see Mindy look extraordinarily uncomfortable when an E! news correspondent pointedly asked what "color" man she was attracted to. Adding a pinch of racism along with a liberal dash of sexism, it leaves us wondering how this girl even still has a job, let alone was allowed to interview on the red carpet for the Academy Awards all by her big girl self. 

Classy move, E. Almost as classy as helping the Kardashians make an empire unto themselves.

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