Taylor Swift CAN'T Be Serious With This

3/4/2014 2:00 PM PST, by
Taylor Swift
, as you surely know by now, just does not learn anything when it comes to dating. She can say she's learned, she can write a million songs about how she's changed, but when it comes to her actual actions, it's pretty clear that this girl doesn't have a clue -- she'll date the douchiest douches, the cheatingest cheaters, she'll get her heart broken, and then she'll do it all over again.

If you need an example of this, she allegedly spent a good amount of time on Saturday night hanging out with one of her exes, Harry Styles. You know, that guy from One Direction that seems really cute and fun but remember, Taylor knew he was trouble when he walked in. So shame on her now.

The hangout happened at an Oscars party, and here's the deal:

"People may think that Harry and Taylor are not speaking or are not friends, but that's very much not the case. They've stayed in touch and were speaking for a while [at the party]. People think they don't talk but they're friends and on good terms. There are no bad feelings between them whatsoever."

Well, that sounds all right, I guess. But then again it always sounds all right until Taylor writes those horribly catchy songs about how awful the guy is. So really, we should actually be saying "watch out, Harry, you are too cute to get ensnared in Taylor's traps again!" Also, wasn't he dating Kendall Jenner?

The world is a strange, strange place, friends. Now let's all go listen to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and contemplate it all.

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