This Is Exactly What The World Doesn't Need

3/7/2014 1:00 PM PST, by
The world is basically ending, friends, because Justin Bieber's mom, that wackly ol' Pattie Mallette, has just announced that she wants to have more children. Because nothing screams class like asking for babies via hashtag: OK, this is weird for many, many reasons. For one, that last kid she had, while technically an adult now, seems like he still needs a little bit of parenting. For two, she's made more than a few questionable parenting decisions already, you know, things like writing that book all about her rough pregnancy with Justin in order to gain fame and money from carrying the fetus that grew into the world's biggest pop star. For three ... it's just weird, OK?

Pattie, honey, listen, if you want to have more kids, go for it. Find yourself a nice man to settle down with and get to making them babies. You don't have to tweet about it. You don't have to write a book about it. Just life your life. Just do that instead of this.
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