Farrah Abraham's Transformation of Terror is Neverending

3/10/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
That's Farrah Abraham on the right, and also Farrah Abraham on the left if you can believe it -- or if, you know, you left your glasses on the nightstand this morning by accident. It's true: Farrah Abraham's face is slowly deteriorating, and her gradual (yet ultimately noticeable) morph into Kim Kardashian is almost complete. 

The pic on the left is from a production by photographer J Anthony, who photographed Farrah for a motorcycle-themed shoot back in 2011. We received the photos earlier this week and were staggered by the comparison over 3 short years. (You are too, don't lie.) 

While some people might be keen to indicate that Farrah's appearance is due to the fact that she was around 19 years old when the photo on the left was taken, and is now 22, age doesn't impact your face that significantly -- or that quickly -- in 3 years. 

Note to Farrah -- if you want to keep your stellar cry face stellar, you better quit messing with your mug.

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