Miley Cyrus Has Zero Grasp on Reality

3/10/2014 8:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
See that photo there? It's almost as bad as Miley Cyrus' dildo pictures, but in an entirely different way: see, Miley performed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last night, and instead of just owning the fact that she decided to PUSH MOAR BOUNDARIES by appearing onstage wearing literally nothing but her actual panties and bra, she tried to play it off like it was this big, serendipitous accident wherein she was a victim. A victim, friends. 

Here: Oh, as if, girl. As if. Do you seriously expect us to buy this huge lot of fake sentiments about missing a song cue because the technical side of your concert wasn't playing out the way it should have? Please. If you're going to push the envelope further down our throats and up our backsides, let's at least try a little bit harder to come off like you didn't totally know what you were doing the whole entire time. 

Bottom line, how much more self-indulgence can we take? Oh, what's that? More? Oh, OK, super: 

Case in point: 


The moral of the story? Miley's antics aren't cute, funny, impulsive, or even sexy -- they're embarrassing, premeditated, unsurprising, and unsurprisingly unattractive. This girl is becoming one big try-hard, and there's nothing attractive about that. 

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