Mindy Kaling Just Dropped The Biggest, Greatest Truth Bomb Ever

3/11/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by
So hey, why is it that Mindy Kaling can be so smart and hilarious and successful and still get harassed with all kinds of weird, semi-racist questions? Why does that have to be a thing? First there was that red carpet interview where someone asked Mindy what color dude she prefers (what even was that, guys?) and now, while Mindy is trying to spread some of her comedy wisdom at SXSW, someone asked her this:

"You guys have a great, diverse set of characters, but was it a conscious decision for Mindy to be the only female doctor, and the only doctor color of show?"

And right here, friends, is Mindy's glorious response:

"I look at shows on TV, and this is going to just seem defensive, but I'm just gonna say it: I'm a f---ing Indian woman who has her own f---ing network television show, OK? I have four series regulars that are women on my show, and no one asks any of the shows I adore—and I won't name them because they're my friends—why no leads on their shows are women or of color, and I'm the one that gets lobbied about these things. And I'll answer them, I will. But I know what's going on here. It is a little insulting because, I'm like, God, what can I—oh, I'm sitting in it. I have 75 percent of the lines on the show. And I'm like, oh wait, it's not like I'm running a country, I'm not a political figure. I'm someone who's writing a show and I want to use funny people. And it feels like it diminishes the incredibly funny women who do come on my show..I don't know, it's a little frustrating ... I feel that I can just be successful, hire people that I think are cool, and try to live my life in a way that doesn't cause embarrassment or shame to people. And try to be, at this point, a role model, and be on good behavior...And try to do a show that doesn't offend people too much and isn't irresponsible."

Love you, Mindy. Love you forever.

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