Hey, Danica McKellar's Legs, Wanna Go Out?

3/13/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Just kidding -- we'll take the rest of Danica McKellar's stellar body out for a steak dinner or whatever she happens to prefer, too, because what a gorgeous living doll of a woman, am I right? She's brain surgeon-smart, is wickedly adorable, and that body? For days, friends. It's a body for days. 

This is Danica on her way to -- or from, it doesn't really matter -- a rehearsal for "Dancing With the Stars," and if ever there were a real, valid reason to sit yourself down on the couch to watch "DWTS," Winnie Cooper certainly is it. And speaking of which, can we get Fred Savage on there for a minute? Just to, you know, maybe pop on over and say 'hi' for the sake of old times? You're a pal, thanks!
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