Tom Arnold is a Hot Sex Beast

3/13/2014 4:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Tom Arnold has lost 100 pounds over the last year -- and if you don't see the crazy difference, then maybe, friend -- just maybe -- you don't have eyes. And if you don't have eyes, what are you even doing on a website that's heavily reliant on photographs? You have no eyes! 

Tom claims that the astonishing weight loss -- 100 pounds is a lot of weight for anybody to lose, and not just someone who didn't even look like he "needed" to lose that much to begin with -- is due to the fact that his child was born earlier this year, and he wanted to be the fittest, healthiest dad in town: 

"Something inside of me changed. I knew I needed to live as long as I could ... The moment I saw [my son Jax], I realized he deserves the best. ... I have tons more energy." 

You go, Tom -- you look amazing, and way to do it for the right reason: for health. Way to avoid conforming to what others think you should do, or be, or look like, and congratulations.

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