Help Us Help You, Brandi Glanville

3/14/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
Look, we want to like Brandi Glanville, we really, really do -- she has a tragic backstory, she's sassy as hell and she seems like a great time -- but sometimes, it's like she doesn't even want us to like her. Sometimes it's like she just sits at home and plots out ways to seem terrible. And while she's definitely done way, way worse things than this thing right now (those molestation jokes come to mind) this certainly doesn't help anything.

Guys, that makeup, oh my god. If this is how Brandi likes to do her makeup now, that's fine, and she did caption that photo "don't ask," it's just ... why? Brandi is straight up but when you have to sit down and study someone's makeup because you can't tell if they just got a little heavy handed or if they got facially injured, that's not a good thing. Look, here's another one:

Brandi, if you're reading, please: stop. We want to love you. Please let us love you.

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