Get Ready for More Kardashian Lies!

3/14/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Kendall Jenner
is a model: no matter what, that is a thing that is real. She walked in a ton of shows for Fashion Week, she's making relationships with very important people in that field, she is a model. And, this might be crazy, but a lot of you might think that the only reason that she's so successful is because of that whole reality show fame thing. But her big sister Kim Kardashian wants you to know that that is not at all the truth:

"She went and auditioned, and she just goes by the name of Kendall ... hoping that people won't think that she gets any handoffs. She works her butt off. She just goes to casting after casting. I'm so proud of her that her Fashion Week was able to achieve all the shows she was able to walk in. She's living her dream and it's so inspiring to watch her."

Aww, that would be sweet, but no. Does Kim really think we'll believe that her family hasn't helped her at all? Because that really just can't be true. Sure, Kendall probably works hard, and it's obvious that she's passionate about it, and she really might just go by her first name. But, like or not, most people involved in that industry are going to know her face. It's just unavoidable, and it's silly of Kim to think otherwise.

Keep on trying to fool us, Kardashians, but we're onto you now.

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