Chris Brown Is Going to Ruin Ariana Grande, Too!

3/17/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by
This is real sad, you guys ... Ariana Grande, cute, sweet, super talented Ariana Grande, is still going on with that duet with Chris Brown. Which was a horrible idea in the first place, of course, but you'd just think that now, what with Chris being, you know, in jail and all, she might back off a little. You'd think that she'd at least stop trying to promote it for a minute, right?

Wrong: She also tweeted this, which may or may not be related: Girl, does this really have to be explained to you? Yes, there are some circles that consider Chris Brown to be a talented young artist with so much potential, but there are other, much bigger circles that consider Chris Brown to be a violent scary douchebag that needs jail and/or rehab more than a hit record. And do you really want to alienate yourself from all those people? Because those are a lot of people.

Man, at least they're not dating, huh? They're not dating, right? Please tell me they are not dating.

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