Don't Worry, Everyone, Courtney Love Will Solve All The Great Mysteries

3/18/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by
So hey, everybody knows about that whole missing plane deal, right? Everyone's been trying to figure out what happened, thousands upon thousands of people are searching, militaries are on the hunt for it: it's a pretty huge deal. But there's only one question bigger right now than "what happened to the plane?" and it's this: why has no one bothered to ask Courtney Love?

Luckily, Courtney took it upon herself to do some research, and she's solved the mystery, y'all: See? Easy as pie! Can someone send over some more case files to Courtney, maybe get her started on the Jack the Ripper case? Surely she could at least solve the Black Dahlia case by this evening. Let's get it going, people! Courtney's mind is too brilliant to waste!
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