Demi Lovato Got Tons of Piercings, Is So, So Beautiful

3/18/2014 5:30 AM PDT, by
To be honest, there aren't many things that Demi Lovato could do to make us stop loving her -- we love her so much -- but there are millions and millions of things that she could to to make us love her more. Guys, there could be paparazzi photos of Demi picking her nose and we'd probably be like "DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE YOUR NOSE PICKING SELF, GIRL!" The love is real. And that's why we absolutely, positively love Demi's new look, her partially shaved head and her four brand new ear piercings. Because, well, because she's just that great.

Real quick, one more reason to love her: She's just such an inspiration, and so talented and beautiful, and god, is there even anything she can't do?!

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