George Clooney Went And Ruined That Beautiful, Beautiful Face

3/19/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
I'm so, so sorry that you have to see this, but when bad things happen, it's really best to face them right away instead of ignoring them and hoping they go away. Guys, George Clooney, beautiful, amazing George Clooney, went and got the worst tan in the entire world. This is worse than a Kardashian tan. This is worse than if someone somehow got dipped in melted orange crayons. And the fact that it happened to someone as wonderful as George Clooney, well, that makes it even worse.

Please, George, go back to your old self. Your incredible looks aren't the greatest thing about you, of course, but they're still pretty darn great, and this new look just doesn't do them justice at all. Come back to us, human-colored George Clooney. We miss you so.
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