Lady Gaga Looked Way, Way Different in 2008, And That's Sad

3/19/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by
Quick question: is there ever a time that we talk about Lady Gaga without getting sad? Probably not, right? We're either sad because she's so annoying, or sad because she's so desperate for attention, it's always some kind of sadness. This time though, we have a new kind of sadness, and that is the sadness that we feel when we realize how much Lady Gaga has changed since she became famous, and not necessarily for the better. Wah wah waaaah.

The thing is that Lady Gaga is doing a small series of concerts at the Roseland Ballroom, and for the poster for the show, she used this old photo from 2008. You can see the photo right up there, and you probably don't need to be told that she looked so good then. Her style is simple, but really nice, she's wearing cute shoes that she can actually walk in normally .. it's amazing. This is the way it should have stayed, and that is just the truth.

Look, here's the old photo with a photo from this year:

This is just a travesty, plain and simple. What do you think that lovely girl from 2008 would say if you told her that in six years, she'd hire someone to vomit on her? See? Travesty.

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