Maybe LeAnn Rimes Would Fill More Concert Halls if She'd Stop Singing About Cheating, Huh?

3/23/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
So guess who played a show in Texas last night, and who also didn't really have much in the way of stellar attendance? Well, naturally it wasn't Miley Cyrus, because unlike her personal style and personal photos, her shows are catching like wildfire, so it was LeAnn Rimes ... who's basically the antitheses of Miley there. 

LeAnn just played in Austin, and an online review reads that the venue wasn't even 60% full. What happened? She allegedly sang well -- and nobody's disputing the fact that this woman can sing, because she definitely can -- but here's the thing: though LeAnn's stage presence is up to par, and I know from personal experience that she can work a crowd, LeAnn is likely not generating a massive crowd because let's be honest -- there aren't a whole lot of people keen on listening to a woman (who was at one time "the other woman") sing songs about being the other woman, and then the wife. 

No, LeAnn's "Spitfire," though it sold OK, is no masterpiece. It's not even close to being anything more than a reason to travel around the country, singing new material.

If LeAnn can't wake up and see that she's better off sticking to what she's good at -- singing tracks for albums, avoiding tours, and stopping the onslaught of Eddie Cibrian PDA -- then she really hasn't learned too much after all.

Girl, you can sing, but it's time to just leave this "Spitfire" business alone, OK?
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