Not Even YouTube Can Break the Unbreakable Corey Feldman

3/24/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

In case you haven't been paying attention, Corey Feldman and his music is fricking amazing -- and if you don't believe what you're hearing, then you need to take another look at his brand-new video for "Duh," his latest single off of EP "1st Glimpse of Heaven" and then get back to us:

Convinced? Come on, of course you are.

In an exclusive statement: 

After world premiering his second music video precociously titled "DUH!" exclusively on the privately-owned multi-platform viewing network 'FilmOn' on Valentine's Day, Corey Feldman gave exclusive rights to celebrity website Fishwrapper to carry the video for 2 weeks. Now Corey Feldman has shockingly decided to give YouTube one more chance -- after yanking his original YouTube channel down for alleged identity theft reasons -- and will once again try his luck with a brand new YouTube channel which currently only has the viral hit "Ascension Millennium" listed for viewing.

Feldman publicly expressed anger in the past towards the self-made video giant by stating on Fuse TV that YouTube had actually removed Feldman's entire library after gaining well over half a million views on his "Ascension" video. According to Feldman, YouTube's reasoning for the bold removal of an entire channel that had well over 750k views was that they didn't believe Feldman was actually Feldman.

Corey's response to YouTube's action is "DUH!"

The "Ascension Millennium" video was the actor/singer's first ever music video. "DUH!" marks only the 2nd music video the singer has ever released. The new video is a satirical spin on television through the times. The video lampoons not only Feldman himself, but also cleverly blends a spoof of reality television and 50's sitcoms, with an homage to "I Love Lucy." The video is directed by Corey's comedic costar, Tanna Frederick, who recently worked alongside of him in his soon-to-be-released film "The M Word," which hits theaters April 20th

In the video, Tanna stars as Corey's wife. Alongside Tanna in the "DUH!" video, "Corey's Angels" are featured, including cameos from Kaya Jones, reality star Daisy DeLaHoya, and of course Corey's "Maingel," Angel Courtney Anne

So are you guys paying attention yet? You should be -- and for a good many reasons. I don't care why you like the video, it's just important that there's something appealing in it for you -- it's a guarantee that you won't have to look too hard to find something to smile about. 

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