Courtney Stodden: Nude, Augmented, and Just as Lovable as Ever!

3/24/2014 11:55 AM PDT, by
Courtney Stodden
, our dear, sweet Courtney Stodden, is officially going hard on Instagram, and honestly, we love every single second of it. She's been kicking up her selfie game, but this selfie right here, this new one, this one where she is NAKED, is going to be hard to top. It's going to be hard to top because she is NAKED. Courtney Stodden nudes, you guys, and it isn't even Christmas. How did we get so lucky?!

But in addition to the nudity -- you can see her butt, it's insane -- did you happen to notice anything else in this photo? Like, maybe her lips? Do they look, I don't know, larger to you or anything? Sorry to bring this naked selfie party down a notch, but if these aren't just the result of a good lip gloss, then we are officially concerned. We love her so much, and it would be just the saddest thing if her lips were to pop, wouldn't it? No, that simply would not do.

To summarize: naked Courtney Stodden. Giant Courtney Stodden lips. So much Courtney Stodden love. Did we forget anything?

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