No You Did NOT, Justin Bieber

3/24/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
Justin Bieber
, poor, misguided, douchey douche Justin Bieber ... you will not believe what he just did. Or you will, I guess, because the photo is right there: guys, he compared himself to James Dean. He did a "James Dean inspired" photo, and he posted it on Instagram so we could all see just how highly he thinks of himself. "Look at me, I'm a legendary hotass rebel who will be remembered forever," he might as well have said. "Look how handsome and timeless I am, and also, oooh, cool cigarettes."

He'll never stop, guys. Not ever. He'll be ridiculous and mildly delusional and just wrong forever. This James Dean comparison right here just proves it. His ego is officially too large to handle, and it is time that we admitted that, and stop trying to change it. The battle is over, friends. We lost. Justin's douchebaggery won. The end.

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