Nick Cannon's Mouth Just Isn't Big Enough for All That Foot

3/25/2014 10:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Here we go with this again -- Nick Cannon is a racist, and any illusions professing otherwise need to be stopped immediately, OK? Just stop. No excuses, no excusing, just stop. 

See, yesterday Nick came out with this zany new character of his called "Connor Smallnut." Not only is the name pretty dumb, the accompanying look is -- see above -- pretty dumb as well. Also, is Nick intimating that white men have generally small nuts? Because yeah, some do, but I'm willing to bet that it's not just a race thing: some men just have naturally minuscule testicles. 

At any rate, the internet threw up all over Nick's new persona -- created for an album he's putting out called "White People Party Music," as if it's not bad enough-sounding on its own -- and he ... well, let's just say that he added insult to injury and didn't take a thing back:
So clearly Nick knew exactly what he was doing -- obviously -- but what, all this privilege talk? Oh, you're not sure either? That's cool, Nick, just keep on being racist.*

Last, we'll leave you with this gem that Nick apparently think he's just soooo clever for: *No, it's not cool, Nick. Checked out your wife's Twitter feed to see if she's retweeting any of your vile garbage and guess what ... not even Mimi appears impressed to the commoners, OK? This isn't all right no matter how you try for comedy. 
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